Laundromat nearby

5 Reasons to Head to Your Nearest Laundromat

Head to a laundromat nearby and make laundry day the easiest part of your week! From large capacity machines to card payments and 24/7 flexibility, Speed-e Laundromat makes laundry day a cinch.

1. Use large capacity machines

Your laundromat should have large capacity washing machines and dryers, allowing you to get through bigger washing loads faster. Bigger machines also enable easy cleaning of larger blankets and duvets.

Look for a laundromat near you that offers these efficient machines to minimise your loads of laundry. Speed-e Laundromat is a self service laundromat with large commercial washing machines and dryers to help you get on top of your laundry fast.

2. Use card payment (no coins)

Modern laundromats, like Speed-e Laundromat, offer convenient card-payment systems, avoiding the need for coins. This makes starting a wash cycle as simple as tapping your card, streamlining the process and saving you the hassle of carrying cash.

3. Pre-sort at home before going to your nearest laundromat

Save time at the laundromat by sorting your laundry into lights, darks, and delicates at home. This way, you’re ready to load the machines as soon as you arrive, making full use of the large-capacity options. Don’t forget to bring your detergent and fabric softeners too!

4. Use multiple machines

Take advantage of the many machines and laundry facilities available at your laundromat. Simultaneously washing and drying different loads can drastically cut down your total laundry time.

5. Follow Machine Instructions

Ensure optimal washing by adhering to the washing instructions on your clothes and the machines in the laundromat. Using them correctly can lead to better cleaning and faster cycles, making your visit even more efficient.

Speed-e Laundromat is a 24-hour laundromat (laundrette), open every day including public holidays. With daily cleaning and cashless payment for your convenience, Speed-e is a self-service laundromat enjoyed by all. Find a Speed-e Laundromat near you!

Visit us at Inala, Kearneys Spring (Toowoomba), or Newtown (Toowoomba)!