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5 Tips for a Stress-free Laundry Day

Whether you’re going to a laundromat for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s always a good idea to brush up on what to do (and not to do) while you’re there.

Here are some handy tips and tricks for your next visit:

1. Come prepared

A little planning before you get to the laundromat goes a long way. Not only does it save you time while you’re there, but it also saves the time of others who may be waiting for a machine.

It’s recommended to pre-sort your washing before you get to the laundromat so it’s quicker and easier to load the machines and get started. After pre-sorting your washing, remember to bring laundry detergent with you before leaving the house!

Another great way to prepare yourself is to bring your debit or credit card.

Laundromats like Speed-e only accept card payment to make washing easy and safe for all.

For more advice on how to stay organised with your laundry, check out some other tips and tricks here.

2. Enjoy the uninterrupted time to yourself

Clothes washing at a laundromat provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favourite shows or submit that looming assignment while you do your laundry.

Bringing a quiet activity or headphones (for videos and music) is recommended to make sure that your enjoyment of the space doesn’t affect others.

Some people prefer to get work done while they wait, so it’s also best to step outside for phone calls when others are around.

3. Don’t leave your clothes unattended (for long)

We’ve all been there. You arrive at the laundromat, the machines are full, and there’s not a person in sight. What’s worse is that the cycles are finished, and the clean clothes are just waiting for their owner to return. Frustrating right?

To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s best to stay nearby. If you need to leave the laundromat, setting a timer or making note of when the cycle is due to end can shorten the next person’s wait during busy times.

4. Avoid using too much detergent

It’s easy to go a little overboard with detergent when you want your laundry to be squeaky clean, but often it is worse to be heavy-handed with products.

Using more than the recommended amount of detergent can actually damage your clothes over time and leave excess residue in the machine for the next person (who may be allergic to certain ingredients).

Remember: less detergent means cleaner clothes, more money saved, and less harm to the environment. It’s best to stick with the recommended amount that is written on each machine!

5. Tidy as you go

Speed-e Laundromats are open 24/7, so it’s always important to leave the space in the same condition as you found it. Placing any empty detergent packets or dryer lint in the bins provided is a great help.

While Speed-e Laundromats are professionally cleaned every day, a helping hand is always appreciated to make sure everything is in order, no matter what time of the day (or night) you come in to do your laundry.

When you keep these tips in mind, you can make sure that everyone has a pleasant, stress-free laundry experience. Happy cleaning!

Speed-e Laundromat is a 24-hour laundromat (laundrette), open every day including public holidays.  With daily cleaning and cashless payment for your convenience, Speed-e is a self-service laundromat enjoyed by all. Find a Speed-e Laundromat near you!

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