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5 Tips to Effectively Dry Your Clothes

Drying your clothes in a dryer isn’t as simple as you may think! Over-dried clothes can lead to shrinkage or damage, while under-dried clothes can be left wet and prone to mould.

Here are some tips for effectively drying your clothes so you’re not left with an unexpected crop top or having to iron-dry your work shirts!

1. Separate clothes by fabric type and weight

Heavier fabrics, like jeans and towels generally take more time to dry than lighter fabrics, like cotton t-shirts. Separating them ensures your clothes dry evenly and prevents over-drying. Speede Laundromats in Durack and Kearneys Spring Toowoomba have useful folding tables to help you sort out your fabrics on laundry day.

2. Don’t overload the dryer

Shoving too many clothes into the dryer can prevent air from circulating correctly, leading to under-drying and damage. Filling the dryer to roughly 2/3 full, giving clothes enough space to move around, will assist in drying your clothes more quickly and evenly.

3. Use the right drying setting

Selecting the right dryer setting is dependent on the fabric of your clothes. Delicate fabrics such as wool should be dried on a low heat setting, while heavier fabrics like jeans, sheets, and towels, can be dried on a medium or high heat setting. Care labels that are attached to your clothes can help you pick the right dryer setting.

4. Remove clothes from the dryer as soon as possible

Leaving your clothes in the dryer once the cycle has ended can lead to over-drying and damage to fabrics (like leaving a cake in the oven for too long!). Setting a timer so that you can quickly remove the clothes once the cycle has finished is a great way to avoid this.

Do not leave your clothes unattended in the dryer. On busy days, other customers will get frustrated and possibly remove your clothes if the cycle is finished but the clothes have not been removed.

5. Don’t open the door during a cycle

We get it. We’ve all got places to be and the temptation for a progress update can be overwhelming! However, opening the dryer door once a cycle has begun releases the hot air that should be drying your clothes, adding unnecessary time to your cycle. Try to avoid the temptation if you can.

Need a clothes dryer? What about a few clothes dryers? Head down to Speed-e Laundromat in Durack (Inala) or Kearneys Spring (Toowoomba) for all your washing and drying needs.

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