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Laundry Made Easy: Toowoomba’s Speed-e Laundromats are Open 24/7

Everyone must tackle laundry day, but for those living in Toowoomba, Speed-e Laundromat has transformed this task from a tedious obligation into a convenient and efficient experience. With locations in Kearneys Spring and Newtown, here’s why Speed-e Laundromat stands out as the preferred choice for laundry services in Toowoomba.

1. Open 24/7, even on public holidays

One of the advantages of using Speed-e Laundromat is our 24/7 availability. Our doors are always open regardless of your schedule or unexpected laundry needs. This round-the-clock availability is particularly beneficial for those who work irregular hours or need to manage family and work life during ‘normal’ hours. All our laundromats have 24/7 security surveillance for your safety and peace of mind.

2. Extra-large, fast machines

Our Toowoomba laundromats have modern, high-capacity washers and dryers that can efficiently handle large loads and bulky items like blankets. This means you can do less frequent but larger loads, saving you time and energy. Whether it’s your regular clothes or more oversized items, our machines can get your laundry done effectively.

3. No Coins Needed – Tap, Wash, and Go

Forget about the hassle of carrying coins; at Speed-e Laundromat, we offer a simple tap-and-pay system. 

Our cashless machines let you tap your card and start your wash, streamlining your laundry process. This convenience ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish. 

4. Laundromats Cleaned Daily 

All Speed-e Laundromats are cleaned daily to ensure a hygienic and comfortable environment. You can relax in a pleasant setting while your clothes are washed or dried.

5. Located Near You in Toowoomba

Speed-e Laundromat has two convenient locations in Toowoomba! Find us at 879 Ruthven Street in Kearneys Spring, opposite Toowoomba Plaza, and at 131 Anzac Avenue in Newtown, opposite Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre. Whether you’re coming from the city centre or the suburbs, you can easily reach us, and there is plenty of parking available. 

Not in Toowoomba? Speed-e Laundromat is also open in Inala (Brisbane) and Brassall (Ipswich)! 

Speed-e Laundromat is a 24-hour laundromat (laundrette), open every day including public holidays. With daily cleaning and cashless payment for your convenience, Speed-e is a self-service laundromat enjoyed by all. Find a Speed-e Laundromat near you!

Visit us at Inala, Kearneys Spring (Toowoomba), or Newtown (Toowoomba)!